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8 Handloads
357 Magnum, 173 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LSWC 13.5 gr2400 1,313 fps1.48" WSP Admin
Original 38/44 Heavy Duty 38 Special load, loaded using 38 Special +P brass. This load should ONLY be used in 357 Magnums even though it uses a 38 Special case. Using the Dry Creek Bullets 173gr LSWC in 38 Special cases this round works great in my GP100 and M27 and is very accurate.

LSWC 15.5 gr2400 1,416 fps1.62" WSP Admin
This is a duplicate of the original 357 Magnum load and is very hot by todays standard. Velocity listed is from a 8 3/8" M27. In a 4" GP100 velocity was 1386fps.

LSWC 16.5 gr2400 1,511 fps1.65" CCI 550 Admin
Very hot load, over max!. Velocity is from a 5.5" Redhawk. This load should only be used in the strongest of sixguns - Redhawk, Blackhawk, Casulls. Careful consideration must be paid to OAL to be sure you don't get into an over pressure situation.

LSWC 15.0 grH110 1,307 fps1.62" WSP Admin
This was an exceptionally consistant load in my M27, less than 1 fps Standard Dev. The 173gr Keith is a very long nosed bullet, any longer than 1.62" and it will not fit in the M27 or GP100.

LSWC 16.5 grH110 1,406 fps1.62" Win SPM Admin
Sharp recoil, some flattening of the primers but cases still extracted easily.

LSWC 19.0 grLil Gun 1,587 fps1.645" CCI SPM Admin
Above max load! This was fired in a 5.5" Redhawk 357, cases all extracted easily, primers showed less flattening than many factory 357 loads but it should not be fired in smaller revolvers. Careful consideration must be paid to OAL to be sure you don't get into an over pressure situation.

LSWC 17.0 grLil’Gun 1,499 fps1.645" CCI SMP Admin
Velocity from a 5.5" Redhawk, bullet is a true Keith design from Dry Creek Bullet Works.

L-358429 5.5 grWin 231 Unknown1.671"  guest
Very accurate mid load for long cylinders such a M-19 S&W and N.M. Blackhawk. Seated to crimp groove in .357 brass.

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