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Guest Load Data
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30 Handloads
41 Magnum, all bullet weights
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
170gr JHP 26.0 grH110 1,530 fps CCI SP guest
170 gr. Sierra. 1530/5.5" Redhawk,1650/6.5" Blackhawk,1875/10" TC, 1980/14"TC, 2100/20" Marlin

170gr JHP 26.5 grH110 1,900 fps CCI LPM guest
use in beefy .44 mag guns IE Taurus Raging bull. The extra beef between chambers will allow for the max load.

Admin Note: Hodgdon max load.

210gr XTP 18.0 grAccurate Arms #9 Unknown0" CCI 300 guest

210gr XTP 20.0 grH110 Unknown1.580" CCI LPM guest
Hornady HPXTP. My S-W loves this load.

210gr LTC 6.5 grHodgdon Universal 950 fps1.616" Win LP guest
Nice mild load that shoots well in my Ruger Redhawk

210gr XTP 20.0 grWin 296 1,500 fps1.581" Win LP guest
I shoot this load in my Ruger Blackhawk (6.5 inch barrel)I Have tremendous accuracy and plenty of punch.As always,approach this load with caution.

210gr LRN 6.0 grUnique 950 fps Fed LP guest
Max 10.0 grains. The bullet was actually a type of led bullet not listed.

210gr XTP 22.0 grH110 1,400 fps1.580" CCI SPM guest
my s/w 657ch has a7.5 barrel ,very accurate load. i think i will try lil gun .

210gr JHP 20.0 grH110 1,500 fps CCI LP guest
Plenty of power! Max 20.9. Do not reduce this load. This would make a great hunting round.

210gr LTC 5.2 grClays 954 fps1.690" Fed LP guest
National Bullet Cast Lead Truncated Cone, S&W M625 MG, 4 inch. Comfortable shooting load.

210gr XTP 21.9 grLi’l Gun 1,377 fps Win LP guest
Cronograghted from a 6" S&W

210gr LTC 5.2 grClays 848 fps1.620" Fed LP guest
S&W M-57 w/ 6 inch barrel. National Bullet 210 grain Lead TC bullet. 5 shot string, Hi: 872, Low- 832 SD: 15.8 ES: 39.3 Average 848 FPS. Mild recoil & excellent accuracy.

210gr XTP 18.5 grAccurate Arms #9 1,588 fps Win LP guest
Accurate reliable hard hitting load using my Taurus Model 425 Tracker 4" groups 1 inch and less at 25 yards, I’ve managed 3" inch groups at 50. My max was 19.1 grn AA#9 with no noticeable difference in accuracy

210gr TMJ 10.0 grHodgdon HS6 930 fps1.610" Fed LP guest
S&W M657--6 inch barrel. Low recoil but mediocre accuracy for a .41

215gr LSWC 18.0 grAccurate Arms #9 1,150 fps1.585" CCI 300 guest
Lasercast bullet

215gr LSWC 8.0 grHodgdon Universal 1,030 fps0" CCI 300 guest
Lasercast bullet

215gr LSWC 16.0 gr2400 1,115 fps Win LP guest
Very accurate in a 4 5/8" Blackhawk, moderate load, and enjoyable to shoot.

220gr LSWC 18.0 grAlliant 2400 Unknown1.572" Win LP guest
Bullet = Lyman #410610 gas checked, cast real hard. Primer = Winchester Large Pistol Standard or Magnum. R-P cases. One inch at 15 yards in 6-inch S&W Model 57.

220gr LSWC 18.0 grAlliant 2400 Unknown Win LP guest
Lyman #410610 LSWC, gas checked. Excellent results in my six-inch Smith 57.

Admin Note: Well above Alliants current max of 16.4gr, but well below Elmer Keiths 20.0gr load.

230gr LSWC 16.0 grAccurate Arms #9 1,130 fps1.55" CCI 300 guest
Bullets were seated over the first driving band because the cylinder on the Taurus Tracker 425 is short.

230gr LSWC 17.5 grAccurate Arms #9 1,230 fps1.55" CCI 300 guest
Max in my gun. Bullets were seated over the first driving band because the cylinder on the Taurus Tracker 425 is to short for the long nose Dry Creek Bullet Works bullet.

230gr LSWC 8.0 grHodgdon Universal 1,000 fps1.63" CCI 300 guest
Cases were trimmed to 1.24" to allow the Dry Creek Bullet Works bullet to be seated to the crimping groove and still fit the Taurus trackerís short cylinder.

230gr LSWC 19.0 grAlliant 2400 1,420 fps Win LP guest
Dry Creek Bullet Works 230gr Keith. This load shoots very nice in my RedHawk.

230gr LSWC 19.0 gr2400 Unknown Win LP guest

250gr LBT-WFN 20.0 grLil’ gun 1,180 fps1.550" Win LP guest
Very accurate load using Cast Performance Gas Checked bullet; chronoed from a 6" S&W 657. Federal loads this bullet (as ’cast core’) at an advertized 1250 fps; this load gets you in the ballpark, and there’s a little room for more lil’gun if you really think you need that extra 70 fps (and if the Federal really produces it)

Email author: cgw 
See all of cgw's loads 
255gr LBT-WFN 22.0 grH110 1,350 fps1.660" Win LP guest
255 Cast Performance Bullet Co. 1200/4" M57, 1350/5.5" Redhawk. Very accurate.

265gr LBT WLN 21.0 grH110 1,330 fps Fed LP-M guest

280gr LBT WLN 21.0 grWin 296 1,300 fps cci lg pis guest

280gr LBT WLN 18.0 grH4227 1,350 fps WLP-M guest

300gr LFP 8.0 grUnique 1,050 fps Win LP guest
Very mild load Accurate Ruger SBH 7.5

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