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9 Handloads
45 Colt, 230 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
LRN 6.3 gr231 850 fps1.6" Win LP guest
5-1/2 barrel

Email author: seth 
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LRN 5.8 grAmerican Select 810 fps1.55" WLP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 5.2 gr
7.3" barrel

Pressure: 12,800 CUP

LRN 35.0 grFFFG Blackpowder Unknown1.60" Win LP guest
Fun load to shoot from a Ruger Vaquero. Lots of smoke! Shoots about 1" low without adjustable sights. WARNING: Blackpowder grains are measured by VOLUME not WEIGHT. Use a manual Brass Measure and not a regular Powder Measure. Also be aware of static electricity around the reloading bench! Pyrodex "P" powder can be used as substitute.

FMJ 11.0 grNo. 5 969 fps1.595" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 9.9 gr

FMJ 6.3 grS1000 800 fps1.595" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.7 gr

LFP 7.0 grUnique 800 fps1.576" Win LP guest
SAECO #954 Traditional bullet, BHN 10-11. As accurate in the Blackhawk (.451 cylinder throats and grooves) as a .38 Special. Shoot bullets as cast, lubed with Lee Liquid Alox. Lee Factory Crimp die takes care of any sizing. Cases are Midway, 118 gr. plus or minus 1 gr., with uniform flash holes and primer pockets.

FMJ 5.7 grVV N100 843 fps1.595" CCI 300 Accurate
Suggested starting load: 5.1 gr

FMJ 7.9 grVV N320 970 fps1.594"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 7.1 gr

FMJ 10.0 grVV N340 1,032 fps1.594"  Vihtavuori
Suggested starting load: 9.0 gr

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