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2 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
45 ACP
185gr LFP
6.0 grBullseye Unknown CCI SP guest
This is a moderately hot but VERY accurate load in a Ruger P90. The bullet is copper plated not lead but about the same hardness. Suggested starting load is 5.0 grains of Bullseye with Federal case. DO NOT substitute other components or primers/bullets/powders!! Seated so the shoulder just shows with a moderate taper-crimp. 1" groups at 50 feet bench rest

Email author: kirbydoc 
45 ACP
185gr TMJ
6.0 grBullseye Unknown CCI LP guest
This is an extremely accurate loading. I used Berry’s preferred PLATED bullets not jacketed with a moderately gentle taper-crimp. Ragged 3/4" hole at 25 feet 2-handed braced. A little hot if you are in timed or rapid-fire competition, you might need practice to re-acquire target.

Email author: kirbydoc 

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