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3 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
45 Colt +P
260gr JHP
13.5 grBlue Dot 1,115 fps1.590" WLP guest
+P Load for Ruger Blackhawk, etc... NOT for SAA Colts and clones. Also works well with Hdy 250 XTP and Ranier 250 for practice/medium game

Email author: rlw 
45 Colt +P
265gr Cast Per
24.0 grW296/H110 1,275 fps1.600" WLP guest
Potent handload for medium/large game using Cast Performance 265 Cast w/gas check. DO NOT use in SAA Colt or clones. For Ruger & heavy duty, large frame 45s.

Email author: rlw 
460gr LBT-WFN
41.3 grh4198 Unknown CCI LR guest
Used this load last season to drop a large cow elk @ 100yds.Bullet is Cast Performance FNGC. Bullet passed through both shoulders and instantly dropped her. Rifle is NEF handi-rifle single shot. Be advised: this is the upper limit for this powder/bullet weight combo!(actually there is no room in the case for any more powder!)I have had no problems, your rifle may be different. Work your way up to this load and get a good re-coil pad!

Email author: rlwhite410 

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